Six Sundays a Month

Today was a very important day in the history of one just 16-year-old Mahia DeSylva. A shocking epiphany hit her so suddenly it was gone before she knew it. It crumbled the stone walls of all the beliefs she had built up with her short timespan in this world. It hit her like a 20-foot tall tsunami, and made her buckle under the pressure. The revelation? You only get a maximum of five Sundays, IF you’re lucky, in the time period of one whole month.

The sadness that crashed over her then was comparable to no other. She had realised that the sun is in short supply these days, what with radioactive clouds and volcanic mushrooms darkening the sky, but what she didn’t know was that SunDays were even rarer. The happiest 24 hours in the monotonous seven days is like the sun shining through the clouds, but we won’t even get to see that. It’s only something we do on Sundays. And Sundays are limited.

So I’m here to start a revolution. The revolution of creating a higher ratio of happiness to sadness. Of weekends to weekdays. Of carefreeness to carefulness. Of sleeping late to wishing to sleep late. Of fantasy to reality. Of youth to maturity. Of outdoors to indoors.

How? Simply by adding one teeny tiny change to the calendar. Asking for only one extra day each month. The Sunday of Sundays. The longest day of the week, replacing Monday. The funnnest, happiest, workfreeist day. A day dedicated exclusively to increasing the number of Sundays in a month. A day in which we step out of our homes, explore the world around us, do things we may or may not have done before, eat food we may or may not enjoy, and dare to discover the unknown, even if it’s  two feet away from our doors. A place we’ve never been to before, a place we normally would have ignored, a place miles away from anything. It only has to fill one criteria. It has to make you feel like it’s a Sunday. But, only, maybe without the homework bit that we have to finish before Monday.